"There is no must in art becauseit is free."--Vasily Kandinsky
Now I understand why the religious people of the past persecutedthe artist. Now I understand why so many artists moved awayfrom religion and grew beyond it. The artist is always searchingfor that which is different, that which cannot be contained orcodified; that which is free: Spirituality. As a drinking alcoholic Ifound it necessary to control my life; control my thoughts andbehavior; control each and every situation -- and it was depressinglyexhausting. Today sobriety enables me to risk that which is new anddifferent. Sobriety allows me to experiment and take risks in God'sworld. Sobriety is being free. I am discovering more of me in whatyesterday's artists wrote and produced. The "musts" of yesterdayhave been replaced by the shoulds and needs today. I am free tolisten and consider the person because he is a person and notsimply because of his credentials.
Supreme Artist, let me hear You in the whisperings of Your creatures.

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