Why steel hangars?
No other building material works better for aircraft hangars than steel.
The steel structure is light weight and has incredible strength, Only steel framing is able to meet the demands for aircraft hangars big clear spans up to 275ft and without interior load-bearing supports The strength of the steel also provides additional protection from wind, fire, snow, lightning, termites, earthquakes and aging.
Advantages of steel structure.
• Light weight and incredible strength
• Earthquake resistance wind and snow resistance
• long-span with high bearing capacity
• Easy Installation and short construction period
• Low maintenance cost
• Corrosion resistance and anti-aging.
• Recyclable materials and eco-friendly
• Attractive appearance
The reason for TAIWEI
TAIWEI Steel Structure is one of China's famous steel structure enterprises leader in providing steel building solutions. Since 2002 Our products have been exported more than 60 countries and regions.
Our quality products and excellent services have gained a fist-class reputation In the steel structure building industry. As a manufacturer of steel structure we offer viable and effective, cost-effective
solution. We have been improving our process and production management to meet the needs of our customers.
Why we guarantee our products and service?
1. Strict quality inspection system
From raw materials, cutting, welding, painting, galvanization to Finished product inspection.
All stages has strict testing standards.
2. Service
We can give you a quickly reply within 24 hours, Designers can provide you with reasonable solutions.
Contact us today for a quickly quote. Steel Hangars suppliers

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