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Full Moon Syndrome

Is it a full moon or what. This is when I need the program the most, when the crazies hit me inside and outside. I chant the serenity prayer, read spiritual books, go meetings, call sponsors. Survey says I did not make the news today. Why is it when people fuck with you, we are not at our peak of serenity its always when we not so serene. Or as I see It am being blessed with an asshole disguised as an angel. So just for today I will pray for these assholes so they may appear as serenity test… Continue

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Written by an Australian Dentist

To Kill an American…


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Daily messages

I am enjoying the daily messages. The daily thoughts keep me thinking in a positive way. Thanks & Hugs

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I had an aha moment while creating one of my godboxes.
This particular piece of wood was charred on the outside and I really did not think it was worth carving. Yet, as I started carving and got past the charr, I found a beautiful…

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Advanced Sobriety Syndrome

Absolutely love this post on 'Serenity Steve's' blog! Write on Steve....

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

People Are Strange

I've been thinking about myself again. I find it very pleasant to do this. I take great comfort in idly pondering my own plights and circumstances, my wants and my wants and my wants, and how I might satisfy…

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