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Give It Away

In my continued recovery, on this spiritual path I still find obstacles. The negative mind can take us to a dark place. Sadness in the past, fear in the future. Yet in this present moment, I am free of the negative mind. With this new freedom I can reach out and be of service to others. As I give away this spirituality, which has been giving to me in abundance by others. There is great joy in giving it to someone on the same path. Being humble, has never been one of my strong holds. Yet today… Continue

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Most of us are looking for the rocketship trip to heaven. We

want to go from feeling pain to feeling ecstasy without

having to change busses. If that’s what…

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That Mine

Thats mine, sound familiar? My wife, my kids, my dog, my house, my life. As I was driving home from the movies, at a glance there was a beautiful silver Nissan 350 Z with personal license plates MY Z. In my recovery I am finding there are few things in life that are mine. Life itself, this moment, breath, and unconditional love. And unconditional love must be given away in order to be mine.
Mike Callahan

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Living a life in human caring, fulfillment, and inner peace is a challenge. It is a worthy goal to live life wisely and well - one that I seek on a daily basis. Some days I feel as if I could heal the world, and other days I feel broken. Yet no matter how I feel I will share my path of recovery.
God Bless
Mike Wounded Healer

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Ego The Root Of All Evil

Continued! As I was saying, ego has been the cause of all my problems, to date. And I am finding in my seventh step ( Humbly Ask Him To Remove Our Short Comings ) my ego tears with great emotional pain, even when a small piece is removed. Yet the pain had become so great it had to be removed. On the other side of it, I get that peace, that serenity in heart, that I have been seeking. Ego has filled this planet with so much pain, anger, fear, sadness, mistrust, rebellion, hatred, need I say… Continue

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Ego The Root Of Al Evil

Ego, I cant tell you how many

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God save me from false self!

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When I become nothing before god, I learn to keep silent; in this silence I can listen from my heart! In my brokenness I have found true humility. And the true healing process begins.In my deepest pain I have found the most profound answers, the major shifts in my spirituality.

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Tearing of the ego !

A week ago today I sat in anger, fear and anxiety. And spewed unkindness, great for ego and the pain body. Within a four hour period I was in a very dark place. This double edged sword that protected me as a child had finally caused myself and others too much unhappiness and emotional pain. The pain was so intense, I knew it was over. It was either step into the love gifted me in the 12 steps and by my loving creator or die. Ego vs love. Thank god that arrogant self righteous part of me died… Continue

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Spiritual Growth

Ah yes the bliss of spiritual growth. So in emotional pain, it is said we are growing spiritually. Damn I will be the jolly fricken giant soon!

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Sadness rests on my heart today.
Yet in this sadness, I will be kind
to myself and others.

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Wounded Healer

If I focus on the wound I am in great emotional pain, if I focus on the healing the pain lessens and some joy starts to fill the void. Today I will continue to be a wounded healer.

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"Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance."
Gratitude List!

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Harry Homer

Hello, friends,

I regret to inform you that our dear friend Harry J. Homer passed away from complications of open-heart surgery, Thursday, September 30, 2010.

There will be a service at their church, and Dottie has given her blessing to a memorial meeting for Harry also.


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Just One

You ever notice we live in a world of statistics. So lets think out of the box, unconditional love cannot be a statistic. Step out of the world of statistics!

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