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“If I keep on turning my life and my will over to the care of Something or Somebody else, what will become of me? I’ll look like the hole in the doughnut." This, of course, is the process by which instinct and logic always seek to bolster egotism, and so frustrate spiritual development.


-- Twelve Steps And Twelve Traditions, page 36




We cannot define the universal Self with our mental concepts. We can only realize it on the strength of our aspiration.


-- Sri Chinmoy




The Way of Undoing, the very heart of all authentic spiritual paths, is the true way to God and spiritual liberation. Though it is nothing new, it has commonly been overlooked or avoided by spiritual aspirants. Usually, seekers devote their lives to other, less relevant disciplines (such as rituals, blind faith beliefs, and spiritual techniques), and fail to submit wholeheartedly to the great purpose of spiritual life – the Undoing of ego. Spiritual practices can be helpful. But, the Undoing of ego remains the single, indispensable prerequisite for living an enlightened, Godly life.


-- The Life Divine


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