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I grew up thinking that I had to perfect my personality, then I got 
into AA, and AA said, no, that isn't the way we do it: only God can 
remove our defects. I was amazed to find that I couldn't be a 
better person simply by trying harder! 
-- Interview With Dr.Paul O., AAGrapevine, July 1955
As a matter of fact, any attempt to improve himself morally with-
out spiritual growth is foredoomed to failure. No more can a man
—to use Lincoln’s phrase—raise himself off the ground by pulling 
on his own bootstraps, than the sinner can reform himself by his 
own personal efforts. The only result of relying upon himself in 
such cases will be repeated failure, consequent discouragement, 
and probably ultimate despair of doing any good. 
-- Emmet Fox, Sermon on The Mount


The creative process is a process of surrender, not control.
-- Julia Cameron

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