For Today –
Were we kind and loving toward all?

-- Alcoholics Anonymous, page 86
We are not obliged to like anyone; but we are under a 
binding obligation to love everyone, love, or charity as 
the Bible calls it, meaning a vivid sense of impersonal 
good will. This has nothing directly to do with the 
feelings, though it is always followed, sooner or later, 
by a wonderful feeling of peace and happiness.

-- The Sermon on the Mount, Emmet Fox


A minister of love does not proselytize or aggressively
spread the message. She/he just loves and accepts
people and they keep coming back. That is the way the
teaching is extended. Being a minister of love requires
honesty and humility. You keep admitting your mistakes
and confessing your worries and fears, and people hold
you ever more deeply in their hearts.
-- Everyday Wisdom

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