I had an aha moment while creating one of my godboxes.
This particular piece of wood was charred on the outside and I really did not think it was worth carving. Yet, as I started carving and got past the charr, I found a beautiful marbleized finish in the grain of the wood. It by far is one of the best looking boxes to date. Finishing the box, I had an epiphany realizing how the box and I were alike. I grew up in severe alcoholism and experienced a few damaging years in the disease myself. You could say I was severely and emotionaly burned in many ways, which happens a lot with the disease. My incredible healing process with 22 years in AA and 16 in Al-anon mixed with the rejuvenation of 12 steps has truly been a small miracle. Today I have many loving spiritual mentors in my life who teach me unconditional love. As a result i have found, underneath my charr is a kind loving being. An aha in one piece of burnt wood, go figure. A gift of heart. I thank my loving creator for this simple gift of creating god boxes and godsbox.org. My intent is to pass it on.

Mike Callahan

Godsbox.org :<}

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